Curry Vegetable or Tofu


[Massaman Curry] Thick sweet & mild coconut milk, onion, carrot, potatoes & roasted peanut [Red Curry] Medium spicy curry with string bean, pineapple, cilantro, carrot & lemon leaves in coconut milk [Green Curry] The spiciest curry with bamboo shoot, string bean, celery, snow peas & basil leaves in coconut milk [Panang Curry] Spicy curry with bell pepper, onion, spinach, tomatoes & eggplant in coconut milk

Choice of Ingredient Required, up to 1
Choice of Curry Style Required, up to 1
Massaman Curry
Red Curry
Green Curry
Panang Curry
Rice Required, up to 1
White Rice
Brown Rice
Total : $12.00